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Have you noticed that most books, articles and guides dedicated to healthy and happy living are usually offering a long list of tips, explanations, complex diets, exercises and good habits that you need to develop in order to feel happy and healthy? Just reading one of them can easily spoil your mood. The truth it living as a happy and healthy individual is not that difficult. There are 7 important rules you need to follow. They are not much more than simple life truths that apply to anyone. What is special about them is that cover everything from lifestyle, workouts to mental health and nutrition.

Woman Online DegreeDedicate 10 Minutes a Day to an Activity You Love

What activity makes your happy? It can be something small like reading, singing, dancing, drawing or just browsing the web. Try to dedicate at least 10 minutes of your days to this particular activity. Do that every day even when you feel that you are too tired. Let this be your natural medicine for happy mood.

Turn Workouts into Children’s Play

YOGA ON THE BEACHDo you hate exercising? Well, you are just one of the many. The reason why most people do not enjoy working out is due to their wrong idea of physical activity. Locking yourself inside a stuffy gym and running on treadmill for 30 minutes can be a very boring experience. When you do not get enjoyment from an activity, you are less likely to stick to it for a long time. Therefore, forget personal trainers and workout programs. Turn your exercise into a kids’ play. One way to do that is by practicing interval training. This type of workout allows you to follow your own pace and feel less like a treadmill slave. For instance, spend these 30 minutes on the treadmill following your own pace. If you feel like running – run, if you feel like trotting – trot. Do not push your body to the limit every single time with sustained activity. Listen to what it wants and needs at the moment.

parent smartphone kidDo Not Fall Salve of Technology

Smartphones and computers are amazing! They allow you stay connected all the time and to find information anywhere you are. However, technology also turns us into zombies who are constantly staring at their devices. It is time for you to look up! Instead of updating your status on social media websites when commuting, observe the people around you, look up at the sky, start a random conversation with the person next to you. Just live in the moment and enjoy it. Live in the environment you are right now and not in the virtual world.

Jennifer-Aniston-Meryl-Streep-2015-SAG-AwardsBe with the Ones You Love

Spending time with the people you love and care about the most can be incredibly beneficial for both your health and happiness. That is because when in the company of the ones we love, we feel more relax and comfortable. In addition, we are more willing to share our emotions (good or bad), as well as to laugh. All of these things have a very positive effect on our immune system. So, spend as much as time you can with the people you love.

coconut-water-splashYour Weekly Shopping List

Yes, shopping can make you happier and healthier, but only if you shop for the right things. Make sure you add avocados to your shopping cart. They will reduce the chanced of you developing degenerative and heart diseases, as well as cancer. Consume walnuts every week, since they are full of omega-3s and various other healthy nutrients that will keep your heart healthy. Dark leafy greens and eggs are both very nutritious. Cruciferous vegetables and blueberries will protect you from cancer. Blueberries also help you prevent other conditions, like ulcers, high blood pressure and heart disease. Don’t forget to add these products to your weekly shopping list… as well as to consume them on weekly basis.

Let the Rainbow Be You Food Guide

The fruits and vegetables that come in the deepest of colours are usually the healthiest. The more intense their colour is the more biologically active substances and phytonutrients they contain. In short, eat all the colours of the rainbow!

beachbody2Kick Your Shoes Off

These boots are made for walking, but it is good to kick them off your feet whenever you can. Walk barefoot on the sand, grass or earth without fear of small bugs or dirty toes. That will expose you to different microbes, but only in small amounts that are not enough to make your sick, but more than enough to boost you immune system. Also, just spending time outdoors will allow you to breathe in more oxygen and to get more vitamin D from the sun.

The reason why these rules are effective in making you happier and healthier is that they are really simple, yet long-term solutions. In addition to that, they can be followed by everyone regardless of their age, occupation, interest and lifestyle. Try them out to see for yourself!

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