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LifeThruDivorce.com is the empathetic, informative guide for everything divorce…for everyone.

LifeThruDivorce is the premier, interactive Community of support and guidance for parents and children living through divorce. We provide the knowledge, expertise and empathy to empower families to accept, recover and heal from LifeThruDivorce and move forward in life and love. LifeThruDivorce is your trusted partner, fostering a positive environment with professional guidance from experts in Law, Psychology, Finance, Wellness, Education, Travel, Real Estate and beyond.

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Meet The Founders

Perri-TeitelbaumPerri Teitelbaum, founder of LifeThruDivorce.com had a vision of creating a resource and community for families and children going through the emotional and life changing effects of divorce. While navigating through her own divorce challenges she realized that there were no existing online resources she could find to help her with questions, decisions, or even people she could talk to that had similar experiences to share feelings with so she decided to create it herself. She reached out to two long standing friends, Michelle Zudeck and Pam Pereira and shared her thoughts and passion for this much needed community and resource. They both loved the idea and LifeThruDivorce.com became a reality. Divorce affects every aspect of your life – till death do you part. Perri’s passion and support for the children affected by divorce is a top priority for the site. The goal is to create a positive, nurturing and informative all – inclusive resource for everything relative to divorce.

Perri lives in Palm Beach County, Florida with her family.

You can reach Perri at Perri@LifeThruDivorce.com


Michelle-ZudeckMichelle Zudeck, founder of LifeThruDivorce.com is a divorced mother of two amazing kids, now 19 and 22. Having gone through a divorce in 2007, Michelle successfully navigated the ups and downs of the divorce process, before, during and after. Michelle's mantra and advice for those going through Divorce is to "try and put the best interests of your children ahead of your own".

With a professional career in Digital Media, Michelle was asked by longtime friend Perri Teitelbaum to jointly develop a website focused on "positive divorce", empowering others and their children in the same situation, in an empathetic, nurturing community environment...and she jumped at the amazing, transformative opportunity.

It is Michelle's goal to reach out and help as many people as possible as they transition before, during and beyond divorce.

You can reach Michelle at Michelle@LifeThruDivorce.com


Pam 2Pamela Pereira is a founding member of LifeThruDivorce.com. Through her experience as a matrimonial attorney and mediator, she has seen the devastating effects a divorce can have on a family. She understands that these emotional events can bring out the very worst in people, making it easy to lose sight of what is important. Her work has always centered on bringing this perspective to the process of divorce and helping to create a more positive outcome for her clients and their families.  It is her aim that parents and children going through divorce have meaningful support and connections to help them transition beyond the family dissolution in a constructive way. LifeThruDivorce.com is the opportunity to have that impact on a large scale.

Pamela lives in south Florida with her husband and 2 adorable boys, 11 and 8.

You can reach Pamela at Pam@LifeThruDivorce.com