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Kids and Divorce Video

A fun and engaging App that helps parents support their children through the challenges of family separation and divorce. Join thousands of families, schools and professionals worldwide who trust and use our tablet apps, to express their feelings about divorce and family breakup.

Designed for the child (4-11 yrs) and parent to use together, K&D’S Creative story making language has great potential for a child, to grow their emotional intelligence, wellbeing and social health in a safe environment.




Familysteps Introduction

The New Apps technology offers highly visual animations which are ideal for personal life storymaking. MAKE MY FAMILY (trademark)  and KIDS&DIVORCE (trademark) are the first in a planned series of 6 animation apps from Familysteps.

For me the real buzz is to connect through global internet technology,to promote and empower the psychological well being of others.

Have great fun playing with our apps!

Simon Dermody
Founder and Creative Director