Co-Parenting Goals For The New Year


Co-Parenting Goals for the New Year

Sara Klemp – Content Editor, the OurFamilyWizard® website

A new year is a great time to get a fresh start on so many things, especially that which you think you can improve. It is a time to contemplate on what went well and what went wrong in the previous year, and then make resolutions and goals based on these reflections. While many of these goals focus on our well being as individuals, such as eating healthier or learning a new skill, other resolutions we make have to do with improving relationships with others. For co-parents, this is a good time to consider how you could improve your efforts in parenting together. Here are three goals for co-parents to consider in the coming year.

Be flexible. Your parenting plan lays out many guidelines regarding your co-parenting situation including your parenting schedule, how important decisions are to be made, and much more. However, you've probably already had instances come up when something just doesn't go with the plan, in particular when it comes to your parenting schedule. Maybe your co-parent wants to take your child to a family picnic that would cut into a few hours of your parenting time, or maybe you need to go on a work trip over a night that you were supposed to have the kids. Co-parenting should be a team effort where parents collaborate to raise their children as best they can. As these moments arise, try and be flexible to accommodate the change or find a solution without conflict.

Stand united for your children. No matter how you may feel about your co-parent, they play a huge role in the life of your children. Kids want to have a close, loving relationship with both of their parents, and they certainly don't want to hear their parents badmouthing each other. As long as safety is not an issue, both parents should encourage their kids to have that close relationship with each parent. Stand united with your co-parent for the sake of your children. Do all your can to promote their well-being by working together instead of against each other.

Commit to respectful communication. The ability to communicate well plays a significant role in promoting any healthy relationship, including in co-parenting. Dedicate yourself to do all you can improve communication with your co-parent. Maintain a respectful, professional tone when discussing parenting issues. If you aren't able to do this well through the means of communication, you're currently using, try using a different tool for communicating. The OurFamilyWizard® website is one particular communication tool build to facilitate co-parent communication and reduce conflict by promoting clear, unambiguous communication. The OurFamilyWizard® web and mobile apps do this by providing co-parents with a variety of features for scheduling parenting time, manage expenses and facilitate reimbursements, share documents, and much more. These tools help to keep important family information organized, secure, and easily accessible when either parent needs it.

The coming year will hold new challenges and experiences for your family. Your positive co-parenting goals will hopefully help to set you off on the right foot as you face what the New Year will bring. Want more ideas for co-parenting goals for the New Year? Click here for more.