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Dear Michelle:

Thanks so much for your question!

(from a friend's daughter) My stepsister is always "borrowing" my clothes and doesn't give them back! Should I tell my Dad or my Stepmom?

Here we go.........

I have a few questions of my own first.

1. Are you a boy or girl? (that could have an impact on how things play out).

2. Who buys the clothes? Is it your Dad or your Mom?

3. Are the tags still on the clothes?

4. Does she wash them when she's done with them or does she hide them?

5. Do you like your stepsister and get along with her?

6. Is she the same size as you - or is she squeezing herself into your clothes?

Here are my responses.

1. If your'e a boy and your stepsister is borrowing your clothes you need to tell your dad he has to buy you different clothes because you have an invisible fraternal twin that's a girl.

2. If your dad buys your clothes then tell him you need a bigger shopping budget for more clothes so you can accomodate sharing them with your invisible fraternal twin.

3. If your Mom buys your clothes tell her you need to shop at Walmart, Target and K Mart so you can get more clothes at a better savings. Also, tell her it seems as though the washing machine is not just eating your socks. it's also eating all your clothes and they are disappearing.

4. If your stepsister washes your clothes tell her Thank You and to please make sure to wash them correctly and fold them and place them back where she got them.

5. I hope you and your stepsister get along and you can openly discuss the issue and come up with a plan that benefits you both.

For example - go online together and pick things out that you both like so when you do go shopping with your mom you get things you both can share - this way she will "borrow" and then give them back.

6. If your stepsister is the same size as you that's great - if she's not then maybe try and buy a few things in a bigger size (tell mom it's the new craze to wear your clothes a bit bigger). This way your stepsister will look good in the clothes too and you can tell her that and say to her "hey that looks great on you why don't you keep that"..

In closing - it's obvious your stepsister likes your taste in clothes which, I think is a big compliment to you. Maybe she doesn't come out and tell you that but her actions of "borrowing" your clothes speaks louder than any words.

I think that's a great way to really develop and foster a close bond and relationship with a NEW family member and have lots of fun picking out, buying and wearing clothes.

Most important - no need to create a bad family situation that can actually be a great situation for you and your stepsister if you both work together, get along and become shopping buddies.

Better plan is to share and compare clothes ideas and I suspect both your closets will fill up with awesome clothes.

Good Luck and Keep me posted - HAVE FUN!

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