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Dear Sophie


How do I tell my dad I don't like his new girlfriend?

Sophie Here - (responding to anonymous)


Dear Anonymous:

First a few questions......

1. Does your dad's girlfriend have pink and blue hair?

2. Does your dad's girlfriend dress like a 15 year old?

3. Does your dad's girlfriend turn into a werewolf at night?

4. Does your dad's girlfriend drool when she talks?


if you answered NO to any of these questions then here's my suggestion:


Sit down with your dad in a quiet place and TALK to him about your feelings

Don't hold them in.

Share with your dad that you are missing your "Family" and its hard for you to see him with someone other than your mom.

Share with him that you feel he might want to spend more time with his new girlfriend than you.

Share with your dad you feel he is giving special attention to his girlfriends kids (if she has any).

Most important don't be afraid to TALK to your dad - he will understand and want to know your true feelings.

Sharing your true thoughts and feelings with your family is really hard - but remember your FAMILY knows you , they understand you and no matter what they LOVE you!

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