Divorce, Children and Real Estate

by Sheila Aron, Realtor, Lang Realty, LTD Contributor

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Divorce, Children and Real Estate

Joint property real estate likely represents the majority of all the assets to be divided in a divorce settlement agreement. You must determine the fair market value of the joint property; this is where an informed real estate agent comes in. He or she has to know your market inside and out. Whether you intend on selling the property or keep living there with your children there is a number that needs to be realized in order to move on with any settlement.

If on the other hand the property is to be sold and proceeds divided then the primary caregiver might consider renting in the school district where the children attend school presently. Here again an experienced real estate agent can help in many ways. The agent does all the leg work and  negotiations. They know your budget and needs, and as a professional, will make it happen. Find an agent you feel comfortable with and can guide you through this process.

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