Familysteps Provides Emotional Help For Kids Of Divorce

By Michelle Zudeck

What happens when you combine family therapy and emotional learning with creative avatars and animated role play? You get Familysteps, an app created by Simon Dermody, a family clinician from London, England. Simon is also an Author, Composer and App Designer. He has three children and still has a therapy practice in Harley Street, London. He created Familysteps to share his thirty years of experience of working with children and families, and to explore the potential for new app technologies for emotional learning.

" We partnered with LifeThruDivorce because they offer such a great range of services and information to parents and kids negotiating the divorce transition. Their website provides essential skills , services and articles that will empower and inform parents and children. Our state of the art app technology adds to the self help creativity available." - Simon Dermody

To have Simon Dermody and Familysteps be a part of is truly innovative and exciting. The Familysteps app helps families in their divorce transition with powerful, guided therapeutic role play situations geared toward each family member. We are proud to offer this revolutionary app to members, available on Google and Itunes." - Perri Teitelbaum, Michelle Zudeck, Founders

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