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Get your house ready for Fall! We found a great article that takes DIY one step at a time.

Fall front porch with pumpkins, squash, and cornstalks

Every time I write one of these posts, I hope that it’ll be one where I get to show you the big reveal of some project we’ve been working on. Like my office in the basement that was supposed to be finished in March. And we’re this close to actually having that done! The walls finally got textured and painted, and the trim and cabinets were installed a few weeks ago. And literally every single day I hope I’ll get a text from the contractor saying he’s on his way over to install shelves and flooring. Because that’s all that’s left to do! In the meantime, I have bookshelves and a desk, all of my photography equipment, props, craft supplies, wall art, a lamp, house plants, and SO MUCH STUFF that is waiting to go into the completed studio. Some of it is in the closet, some in the hall, some in the laundry room, and some all over the dining room table. And chairs. And floor.

basement studio featuring benjamin moore white dove

basement studio featuring benjamin moorie white dove wall color

green anthropologie cabinet and shelf hardware

In other news, we decorated the front porch for Fall! I wrote about some gorgeous Fall front porch inspiration in my last Style Spotters post, and thanks to a very abundant garden, we covered our porch with pumpkins, squash, and cornstalks.

white farm house with a green front door and stained wood barrel vault entry

Another dream house update has to do with the fiddle leaf fig I bought earlier this year for the corner of our entry way. Doesn’t it look amazing? That’s because it’s fake. The real fiddle leaf fig looked so beautiful until one day when it suddenly dropped all of its leaves and died. It maybe didn’t happen exactly overnight, but it only took a few days for my precious plant baby to go from fab to drab. My mom finally threw its sad carcass away a few weeks ago when she was visiting for the afternoon, and replaced it with this really stunning and totally low-maintenance faux version from Home Goods.

faux fiddle leaf fig from Home Goods

And last but certainly not least, remember when I told you we were redoing our master bedroom? Well we’ve actually been working on it! We swapped out our hideous brown and orange accidental quilt with a simple white one from Pottery Barn, and added touches of navy and indigo thanks to an inexpensive blue and white quilt folded across the bottom of the bed and an assortment of really beautiful throw pillows. We even bought what every navy bedroom needs–a starburst mirror! It is huge and very heavy, and I’m almost scared to hang it above the headboard, but I think it’ll look fantastic. We’re also figuring out what to do with our furniture. The current dresser configuration takes up the wrong amount of space without offering very much storage. If you have any really good recommendations on dressers, I’d love to hear them!

navy and white bedding for a master bedroom

Source: BHG.com

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