It’s All About The Kids, “Stupid” – Parenting During Divorce

by Deborah Moscovitch *LTD Contributor


One of the most important concerns parents have post divorce is how their time is to be shared between their children. Is there such a thing about the right parenting plan or how parenting time is shared? In this episode of The Smart Divorce with Deborah Moskovitch, our guest Dr. Phil Stahl has some very insightful answers and thoughts on parenting during divorce.

Dr. Stahl is one of the North America’s foremost parenting experts; a practitioner, author, and teacher, specializing in high conflict families of divorce. He has served on numerous committees and task forces designed to improve the quality of work in his field. He teaches judges, attorneys, psychologists and other mental health professionals about issues affecting families and children. His expertise is accepted in courts across the country.

If you are a parent going through a divorce, you will want to learn more about custody evaluations and some of the issues affecting families and children. This show is insightful for grandparents and step-parents…..or anyone who wants a better understanding of the parenting plan and putting the children’s best interests first.

Topics include:

Communication blunders, and apologizing to our children for our mistakes

Wise advice from Dr. Stahl’s book – Parenting After Divorce

What makes a good parenting plan

Parenting plan ideas

Parenting through conflict

How to share your child – your child is not a percentage

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