Keeping The Kids First


Keeping The Kids First

Sara Klemp – Content Editor, the OurFamilyWizard® website

Co-parenting after divorce is a big responsibility that can be very rewarding when done right. However, it can be difficult when feelings of frustration and resentment get in the way of letting parents keep their focus on parenting effectively. Whether parents had an amicable or contentious split, it's always important that they put the best interests of the kids first.

To effectively put the kids first, parents should be aware of the effect that experiencing parental conflict can have on their young ones. It's a fact that all parents will clash at times and encounter moments of frustration. This isn't abnormal, but it can become problematic when the kids are constantly put in the middle of the conflict. Kids experience a multitude of emotions during their parents' divorce, and parental conflict can exacerbate their feelings anxiety and stress. Moreover, the emotions that kids experience at a young age stemming from parental conflict may be carried within them into adulthood, affecting their future relationships. For these reasons, divorced parents should seek ways to shield their kids from any conflict that does arise, but more importantly, they should be concerned about finding ways to improve their interactions to reduce the risk of future conflict.

Working on improving your co-parenting interactions may take time, but employing the right strategies and using helpful tools can help to advance this process. One such toolset that can aid co-parents in communicating more effectively is the OurFamilyWizard® website. Features and templates on OFW® are built to facilitate co-parent communication by keeping their conversations focus on the facts with less of the frivolous commentary that turns into conflict. It also creates a neutral space for co-parents to communicate about the things they need to discuss without putting the kids in the middle or making them the messengers for their parents. Even more, co-parents who need extra support to improve their communication can invite their family law and mental health practitioners to oversee their communications as well as have access to work with them directly through the website.

For fifteen years, the OurFamilyWizard® website has helped parents communicate and shield kids from conflict. Check out this article from OurFamilyWizard® that details five strategies for keeping kids first and how their tools can help co-parents do so.

Jai Kissoon

President, CEO at Our Family Wizard
The OurFamilyWizard® website offers divorced or separated parents a variety of tools to easily schedule and track parenting time, share important family information, manage expense, and create an accurate record of communication.

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