Summer Family Travel *LTD Contributor

by Todd the Travel Guru, *LTD Contributor


It’s May and the students are looking forward to lazy summer days. July and August are perfect months to take advantage of local attractions designed for families no matter what state or country you reside. Whether it is a water park, local beach areas, museums and movie theaters, each offers an escape from the daily grind where divorced family dynamics can be strengthened.

Many of these types of attractions can be quite reasonable for the daily or weekly experience if you do the appropriate research. Check with your personal company to see if they offer an employee discount. Also, research your membership companies to see if they have bonuses or discounts available to you. In this struggling economy, most families could use the extra few dollars in savings for meals and / or additional benefits. Finally, see if there are packages available for multiple usage days. Many times, theme parks and vendors have a buy one get one promotion…

In any event, the quality time the family can experience not only opens the line of communication within the family dynamic, but creates a lasting memory which both adult and child will cherish for years to come.

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