Telling Family & Friends You’re Divorcing * LTD Contributor

March 19, 2012 by Wendy Mackay


One of the most unexpected challenges I experienced after divorce was the reaction and loss of family and friends. The people you expect to stand beside you and support you in the process of divorce suddenly aren’t there for you.You feel like you’re riding alone through the desert with no where to go. Friends who were there as a couple feel awkward and lost for words. The persona of being single can feel threatening to them because you’re all accustomed to ‘couple’ activities. Those who do seem to support you can be critical of your ex which doesn’t necessarily help the situation you’re currently coming to terms with. Family may want all the juicy details so they understand and then take sides. Children are lost in the shuffle of the emotional strife.

This is precisely the time when third party help with a coach can be most beneficial. Unfortunately this is when few divorcees seek coaching help. Over whelm, legal expenses, moving, job transitions, financial division and the most important issues of supporting the kids keep those going through the whole process depleted of all energy to consider asking for help.

If you know anyone going through the process of divorce, or struggling with divorce recovery the best way to help is to be supportive by listening, not agreeing or disagreeing but allowing them to put a voice to their feelings. The trick is knowing how long to be the sounding board before suggesting they move forward and start living again.

A life coach is unattached emotionally, experienced with shifting people from negative to positive emotions for maximum healing while being supportive. Do yourself, and your friend a favor and lovingly suggest a free consultation with a life coach who is focused and professional in helping to move beyond the effects of divorce. Everyone will be happier!

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