What Do People Most Ask Their Attorney?

The Two Most Common Questions That People Ask Their Divorce Attorney
By Jacqueline Harounian, ESQ

Clients inevitably ask two questions at the beginning of their case: “How long will it take to get divorced?” and of course ,“How much will this cost?”

Hear ye. Hear ye. Unless your case is uncontested or a mediation case, the honest answer to those two questions is: “It depends.” No lawyer can give you a definite answer to these crucial questions, because there are no definite answers. If there are multiple issues to be analyzed in your case, the time frame and cost of the case will depend on many factors beyond your lawyer’s control. Most significantly, these factors are:

the law applicable to your case;
the facts of your case;
the judge assigned;
the other lawyer’s modus operandi;
and finally, your spouse’s willingness to agree on reasonable terms.
There are very few guaranteed outcomes in divorce cases. Family law, with all of its emotional overtones, fact specific determinations, and legal ‘gray areas’, is far from an exact science. Your lawyer’s opinion about results that can be achieved is generally based upon ranges of probability which, in turn, are based upon the facts which you provide, and the law in your jurisdiction.

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